3D printing in Ukraine


Volodymyr Vorobiy, Kateryna Novikova

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Publishing and Printing Institute

3D-printers have been used for more than 20 years, but this time the technology was so expensive and exclusive , that the general public is usually talked about it in the context of scientific research. These conversations were very far from the hype that erupted around the 3D-printing now.

Information bomb laid by two Americans — Michael Guslik and Cody Wilson. They help of 3D-printer printed the bolt box — a key element of weapons, without which military rifle — a piece of iron. Therefore, in the United States is the subject of slide box strictly licensing. In this case, all the other parts of automatic weapons in the U.S. you can buy almost freely and even anonymously.

In Ukraine, the 3D-printing industry is in its infancy, although the area of application of 3D-printers goes far beyond crazy experiments with firearms. In our country, there are only two official supplier «Bibus Ukraine» (deals with 3D-printers Objet) and » Imatek-Esko» (supplies and services 3D-printers 3D Systems and Z Corporation).

По словам Сергея Ратникова, менеджера по продажам, «Бибус Украина», из-за низкой конкуренции, дорогого таможенного оформления и сопутствующих импорту платежей стоимость профессионального 3D-принтера в Украине начинается с $40 тыс. Для сравнения, средняя стартовая мировая цена профессионального 3D-принтера составляет $25 тыс.

According to Sergei Ratnikova, sales manager, «Bibus Ukraine» due to low competition, costly customs clearance and import fees associated cost of professional 3D-printer in Ukraine starts at $ 40 thousand for comparison, the average starting price of the professional world of 3D-printers is $ 25 thousand.

Only cheaper low-end models . Their value, says Daniel Prikhodko, head of 3D-technology «Imatek-Esko», is in the range of $ 10 000. However, if an internet search on Amazon and eBay can even find models for $ 800-1700.

«But they are so poor accuracy and print quality that the creation of weapon parts are not out of the question. In the Europe, these printers are used in primary schools , where children learn the three-dimensional modeling. Because of this they develop creative thinking and virtual perception. Another such device in the world use as a hobby, but not for weapons», — says Sergey warriors.

In Ukraine, 3D-printers as a hobby is not popular. Daniel Prikhodko said his company refused to sales cost devices because it is not economically viable. «Their cost is much higher than the purchasing power of the population, and the use of budget printers as a service can not be because of low accuracy (up to 0.2 mm), and the heterogeneity of the surface layering models» — confirms the arguments of his colleague Daniel Prikhodko. In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet only occasional sellers offer low cost 3D-printers, and it’s likely they buy them on order from the manufacturers or even on the same Amazon and Ebay.

Grow the 3D-printer model in Ukraine is only one of three materials: gypsum powder, photopolymer (like plastic) and wax. Gypsum is usually grown architectural models of residential buildings and cottage villages. And it is the only technology today that allows full-color printing (up to 300 thousand colors) three-dimensional model.

In Ukraine available growing services prototypes of jewelry using three-dimensional printing . In September 2013 engineer-prosthetist Alexander Stecenko and owner of 3D-printer Timothy Jasinski printed prosthetic mechanical arm for six year old boy Dima Kovalenko.

According to Sergei Ratnikova , since 2011 three-dimensional printing industry began to develop rapidly especially in the field of medicine. «Now there is an active development of materials with new physical and mechanical properties. They must find a massive use in oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry and prosthodontics. The manufacturers is to identify those materials from which to grow the 3D-printer denture and implant it directly into the human body», – says Sergey warriors.

In developed countries, 3D-printing technology is developing by leaps and bounds — the stage of laboratory testing has moved three-dimensional printing of human tissues, bandages, wound healing, molecules, rocket engines. At the same time, the potential of 3D-Ukraine printers overall value units from potential buyers. Customs and laws of Ukraine, overstates the cost of technology for 3D-printing by almost half, are now the main entry barriers in the way of this technology in the Ukraine.


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