Ukraine doesn’t need a progress

Ukraine doesn’t need a progress
Pantyukhina Sophia
National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute, NTUU KPI

Every year more than 15 thousand inventions are created by Ukrainian scientists and this number is constantly increasing. And this is only the official released statistics. However, the practical implementation of some first-class domestic developments often occurs abroad, but not in Ukraine.

First place in our rating is occupied by the invention, that was included into the “Top 100 best inventions of 2011”. Ukraine received «Technical Oscar » thanks to a student from Lviv Polytechnic , who invented the super flexible textile supercapacitor. This device works in conjunction with a solar battery and even charges the mobile phone . I mean the power storage of this kind can sew «sun » bags , tents and other attributes . But the first results of the invention will not be enjoyed by Ukrainians. Chinese Scientists financed the project so they’ll see this invitation a bit earlier.

The second place is occupied by the development of a very young scientist Alexander Miroshnik from Kharkiv. However, this professor in the field of computerization and integrated technologies has created a dozen of useful everyday life inventions, but the most worthy trouvaille is the «transformer for tap switch.» This device can help us to avoid the voltage drop in the electrical network. It can help us to save our electrical appliances from burnout and our apartments from fire. It was awarded the title of the “Best Invention of the Year.»

The third step of the best Ukrainian discoveries again belongs to Kharkiv scientists, but this time to Malykhin Anatolij. The scientist invented , how to do a blood test without taking blood . He created the device ,which has special sensors, that must be placed on the patient’s stomach or neck. On the computer screen you can see the full information about the blood condition and also other 117 health indicators. Machine that is produced by Ukrainian private company and which has been produced in Ukraine for four years is successfully marketed in Europe and other countries, but not in Ukraine. In China, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates, this device is used in all emergency rooms. Doctors in Hungary also love this invention; they have even built factory to produce it. But in his own country only few hospitals are interested in new technologies and use it.

On the fourth place we can see Eugene Suslov’s invention. Several years ago, a scientist and his colleagues developed a method of diagnosing cancer by saliva. The main advantages are that the test is cheap , painless and completely safe . Quite a few drops of saliva, two or three hours — and the result is ready. The Department of Intellectual Property took Suslov’s opening to the top ten best inventions of Ukraine of 2011 ,but they don’t hasten to give him the green light to medical practice,because it’s hard enough in our country to get permission to obtain a patent. Therefore, the scientist is going to bring his project to life in Europe.

And at last- the fifth position in the list is occupied by the invention of batumin-the strongest antibiotic.It can effective destroy the staphylococcal infection. This development of Ukrainian scientists is sold in Belgium. Scientists draw interest from the sale of batumin in Western markets. In Ukraine the production of batumin has not been implemented due to the lack of investment and the eternal lack of real state support.

There is a man,who lives in Ukraine, who might develop new nuclear missiles for Russia. Scientist from Poltava,whose name is Konstantin Racine and his inventions may cost billions of dollars , but not our country will earn money from his project ,but those people, who first noticed his talented brains . Several times Racine sent his project to the National Academy of Sciences , but they were not interested in his invention . At the same time, his projects in nuclear physics were considered by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the State Duma . In addition, journalists have decided to make a small experiment and came to Kiev Polytechnic Institute , to negotiate the purchase of the four top professionals who want to work for another country,so those students were recommended even for free. There are also other useful innovations in Ukraine. Yegor Anchishkin was 26 years old when he became interested in the problem of recognition of video-and photoinformation . He and his colleagues created a company that had the goal to teach the computer to recognize human faces.

For example , the development of Ukrainian programmers could quickly find the «Shooter in Karavan». But technology doesn’t belong to Ukraine . Google has bought out all those people, who developed this technology. For the invention the American company paid $ 45 million without haggling. And now the Ukrainian “brains”, and unique technologies made by them are working under the blue American and European sky.

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