Enviroment protection in Lisichanskiy region


Petrenko Anton


  In research   we used methodology “GLOBE” program, “International water institute” and other methodology determine the quality of water, which can be used in the work in social environmental organization.

The development of civilization in all corners of the planet slowly led to significant pollution foundations of our lives. Today, this process is enhanced not only technologically developed countries but also in developing countries.

Unfortunately the world trend against pollution of water objects, this process is bypassed territory of my hometown Lisichansk, where the confluence of the river Seversky Donets River Verhnia Bilenkya, and the being of aquifers, waste sludge ponds are solid manufacture.

In Lisichanskiy soda factory used ammonia method of production of soda, this method is well learning, technological processes efficient and persistent, raw material for the implementation of the method is inexpensive, widespread and easily extractive. The resulting soda was comparatively high quality at low cost.

But ammonia method inherent and serious flaws.

The main disadvantage — a low level of use of the initial raw materials, leading to the formation of a large number of quantity aqueous solution, the so-called liquid of distillation. This fact raises the problem absorption of land for sludge ponds so-called «White Sea» and the mineralization of natural water bodies. This shortcoming of ammonia solid production is becoming more important  when economic interests greatly exaggerate environmental interests and closure of JSC «Lyssoda» and the shutdown of its chemical laboratory stopped regular monitoring of the influence of very dangerous substances are stored in the storage JSC «Lyssoda» on water bodies in the region.

Considering that the possibility of  work  Lysychansk soda and so it lab is zero, we plan to continue to monitor the water parameters objects in the region, that negative changes was detected in time and draw attention to this problem as responsible structures so and local community.

Objective of this work is analysis technological process soda production by ammonia method, methods of storage and disposal of waste, analysis of the physiological effects on the human organism waste solid production, determination the level of influence this waste on quality surface and ground water in region. Those that are directly discharged into the rivers, and those that have been stored in specify storage of  JSC “Lissoda”. The author developed a method of social control water object in region.


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