Artificial Intelligence


Dmytro Liubych

Applied Math Faculty, NTUU “KPI”

What’s important is that Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new thing, therefore error-prone and incomplete.

Artificial Intelligence is a complex product of computer sciences and psychological studies.

Creation of AI started at 1956 in the US, and the field is still in development today.

Major branches include programming, reasoning, taking decisions, recognition, representation of knowledge and ontology.

Ontology is a very old science first introduced in Ancient Greece, but it found application in AI.

Natural Intelligence is adaptive, capable of making various decisions, whereas Artificial one is only limited to what can be represented with 0 and 1.

Natural Intelligence allows for an emotional input\output, and this is what separates us from the machines. However, our neural networks have not yet been cracked, whilst artificial ones are easily described.

Many think AI being below NI, but there are examples of how AI can competitively beat NI (Garry Kasparov’s chess match loss).

One of the widest users of AI are the military, especially the Air Force.

It is now hard for some people to remove AI from their domestic affairs.

Competitive video games are a raw presentation of AI in its full force – they are driven completely by artificial intelligence, which may often make player break some sweat.

Whatever we may think about AI, it is still not complete due to the fact that their self-control is partial, ones calling the shots are still we humans.

Ethics concerning the AI are only beginning to appear, however we should pay attention to them, unless we want an angry robotic army conquering us in thirty years’ time.
















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