Naum Philipovich Vollerner in radio engineering


Karlashevich Ivan Andreevich

Radio Engineering Department


Naum Philipovich Vollerner was born on April 22, 1913 in Kyiv in the family of a doctor. In 1927 he graduated from secondary school and arrived in College of communications, which he was graduated from in 1931. Then he was sent as technician of telephone station in the city of Sverdlovsk.

After that he began to study at the Radio engineering department from the second year. In 1935 he received an engineering degree. In 1936 he was transferred to the post of assistant. In 1939 he defended his PhD thesis. In 1940 he received the degree of assistant professor of radio transmitting and receiving equipment. In 1941 he was evacuated to the Urals. He worked as a chief constructor of the plant, which produced the communication equipment for tanks. In 1943 he went to the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and returned from Tashkent to Kiev. In 1945 he organized the Department of radio receivers, headed by him for 35 years. In 1952 he defended his doctoral dissertation. In 1955 he was granted as the academic rank of Professor. He is also famous for creating a laboratory of hydro acoustics and noiseless radio reception. Under his leadership, the Department and the problem laboratory was performed and introduced many significant scientific-researches and experimental-design works, including those that were performed according to the decisions of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

For years of existence of the Department, its structure increased from 6 to 150 staff members: teachers, post-graduates students, scientific researchers, engineers, technicians. Scientific developments of the laboratory became the basis of new hydro acoustic system of weapons adopted in the army (Marine force) of the country. For performed research work the government allocated his funds, was built and commissioned laboratory building. In 1975 on the basis of the laboratory was created special design bureau “Storm”. In 1985 he retired and then worked as a Professor and Professor-consultant. He published over 300 scientific papers, including 40 inventions, monographs, textbooks, training manuals.

Scientific school of Professor N.P. Vollerner is well known and appreciated not only in science circles but also in industry circles. He prepared 69 PhDs, 9 of which became the doctors of technical sciences. Professor N.P. Vollerner for many years was the Vice-rector of the Kyiv national University of technical progress. Since the 1960s he was a member of the International Council for higher radio technical education of the Ministry of higher education of the USSR. Awarded the medal «Sign of Honour», medal «For valiant labor» and many other medals and awards.


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